Friday, October 14, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation on CCTV Camera System

Dear Friends,
As you don't know that i am a good speaker but not a writer so i copy paste most of the txt from my previous blog. I am sorry for that. Still all the below txt is new for the new readers ..So here we go again.....

I've found that most of the Colleges ask for a PPT on various Subjects like, Electronics, Marketing, Alternative Power Source, Information Technologies, Environment, Engineering Bl aah.. Bl aah... Bl aah...

Those People don't know that The Most Important Thing. We young peeps want is not just education but also the "F........."  I mean Friends, Fun, Facebook, Flims, Fast-Food, Fast cars, Fast bikes, Free things, Fones, Fantastic boys & Fabulous girls and stuff.

So i thought i should help my peeps, by writing blogs which includes some PPT's . I've created for some of my friends.

Well here is a PPT on CCTV Camera System, this PPT includes Introduction, History, Basics of operation, Circuit Diagram, Working Principle, Advantages, Types Of CCD Camera, Related Hardware, Applications
Relating hardware & software details and other details.
To download click the link

Hope you will like it and find it useful. If you find any mistakes please inform me. So i can correct it. Please do check my other Blogs for more PPT's. If you need any help regarding PPT's on any subject or Engineering Projects please e-mail me. I would love to help you. All the Material I am providing is for FREE FREE FREE so enjoy my work, & don't forget to comment & Follow me.

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  1. hey this what i was lookin for. tnx mate, Well can u upload a PPT on Face Detection system & Video Analytic ?
    i will b very gr8ful of u. anyways tnx for such a nice PPT and m lookin for some best PPT's from u.

  2. hi prachi,
    As you asked i had uploaded the PPT on Face Detection system & Video Analytic. Kindly download it. If u don't understand any thing please ask i would like to help you.